Panther Pride

Give me a H!

Give Me a P!

Give me a U!


Whew! I am worn out from this past week- it was a great game week and so spirit-filled! And to top it all off, Friday (August 31st ) was college color day, and everyone got the chance to show off their purple pride!


I’ve been blown away by the amount of support we show for our various sports teams and our school in general. From cheering in the stands at soccer games to rushing the court in victory at volleyball games, students have come out and seriously made some noise. We even had the chance to attend an away game for the soccer team and cheer on our Panthers!


Spending time with friends (and making new ones) at the games after a week of working hard and attending classes was just what I needed. In fact, when I reflect on it, I think our student body as a whole, including teachers and staff, carry some of the attributes of a successful sports team. Our teachers are dedicated to seeing us succeed. We are challenged and encouraged inside and outside of the classroom, and like a team we are working together to make HPU the best it can be! We have so many opportunities to take advantage of, which proves that we truly are receiving an extraordinary education!

And since we’re on the topic of education, I think it’s time for me to hit the books.

Until next time!