The American Dream

Two weeks ago I had the extreme pleasure of attending the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC. About two-dozen students including myself were busy filming “The American Dream Project,” a reality show that analyzes whether or not the stereotypical ‘American Dream’ is still alive and how it impacts average citizens in today’s society. I was ecstatic to have been part of such an amazing team as opportunities like this are once in a lifetime. As a student here at High Point University, opportunities such as this are abundant.


The weeklong adventure began by interviewing the individuals behind the rallies and protests. Advocating for everything from women’s rights to a “maximum” wage, they were extremely passionate in their peaceful protests as they roamed the streets of downtown Charlotte.


As the week went on, we too roamed the streets in an attempt to define “The American Dream.” Interviewing everyone from Occupy Wall Street protesters to political figures, it was intriguing to hear how varied the opinions really were. We even ran into a few celebrities along the way… Jesse Jackson, Anderson Cooper, Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, James Taylor, Piers Morgan, and Ty Pennington to name a few!


Lastly, the week ended with the convention itself. Even though we had volunteered the night prior until 3AM, we were back at it the next morning at 9AM! We were all eager to be a part of history – and we did just that! We spent the entire night passing out signs and flags, all the while watching the convention from an unforgettable perspective. And finally, thanks to High Point University, we finished the night by getting to hear the President of the United States speak!

Until next time,