Work Hard, Play Hard

I can’t believe it’s been a month already!! My time here at High Point University has been amazing so far!


Thanks to the activities fair, I’ve been given the chance to get involved on campus. So far I’ve joined the Genesis Gospel Choir, Club Swimming, Black Cultural Awareness, Campus Activities Team and I’m writing for the Campus Chronicle. Joining these student organizations have taught me that not only are the staff on campus caring but the students are too! I’ve been able to get to know so many people, freshman and upperclassmen included. I’m starting to find my niche on campus and it’s making HPU feel so much more like home.


The transition into classes here has been interesting being that I haven’t been in a classroom setting since 3rd grade (I was homeschooled). I’ve been doing really well thanks to the help of my professors and the student tutors. Just another example of how caring everyone is here and how much they want us to succeed.



Not only are classes here amazing, the school activities are too! HPU understands that we students need to balance all those hard working, school-filled weeks with fun weekends. This past weekend the balance came in the form of the fall concert. This year’s fall concert featured Gym Class Heroes!  They gave a great performance and I got a chance to meet them!!


Well, I’m off to work hard on this homework so talk to you soon!

Until next time,