It just keeps getting BETTER

I’ve been at HPU a  month now  and the fun and excitement has yet to plateau. Each weekend brings a new and exciting activity put on by the Campus Activities Team followed by another week of extraordinary learning in classes with teachers and students that truly care about our education.

As I sat outside Starbucks in the Slane Student Center studying last week, I could not help but notice all of the high school students being toured around campus and checking out all of the wonderful opportunities at High Point that were presented during the open house activities fair. Later on I saw potential students from my dorm window in the University Center that overlooks the courtyard and I could not help but be excited for them.

It was not very long ago that I was in the same situation, presented with the opportunity to start the next  four years of my life and my college journey here at HPU. Each and every day I remain confident in my decision to attend this school, and I wish nothing but safe passage and clear thoughts for those who will have to make that same decision soon.

Aside from all of that, it was just Parents Weekend! I was excited to see my mom and dad, and over Fall Break I’ll be seeing the rest of my family!


Here’s a picture of some of the bloggers with the Gym Class Heros right before the awesome concert put on here at the campus: