Greetings from the road!


I hope that you are having a great start to your October, and that you are well on your way to completing your application for High Point University.  Just think, this time next year, you could be a member of one of the most extraordinary academic communities in the country!


As you are continuing your research into High Point, I wanted to reach out to you regarding an academic program that you might not have heard a great deal about.  That would be our liberal arts core, which serves as the backbone for every program that we offer at our amazing University.


High Point University is a liberal arts school.  This means that you will take classes in a wide variety of classes, from Biology to Music, Ethics to Political Science, Art to Mathematics, and everything in between.  We believe that this variety builds critical thinking and communication skills.  It also allows you to draw from a wider base of knowledge.


While this curriculum inspires learning for learning’s sake, it is also a very practical program that leads to jobs after college and placement into the finest graduate schools in the country.  It highlights the skills that companies are looking for, which include problem-solving, collaborative work and research, and critical thinking skills.


At High Point University, we reinforce these skill sets in many different ways.  The way our professors interact with their students inspires them to speak clearly and thoughtfully.  The way our classes are structured encourages them to look their classmates in the eye, as opposed to down at a computer screen.  With so many people in today’s society glued to their Twitter accounts or cellphones, the ability to interact with someone effectively is an invaluable skill to have.  It is a skill that you will learn at High Point University, and it is a skill that will set you apart from other graduates.


The proof is really in our results.  86% of students six months after graduating are either fully employed or in graduate school.  The national average in this economy is more than 20 percentage points below that.  We feel that through our liberal arts program, combined with stellar facilities, professors, and an environment that inspires learning and growth, will prepare you for success when you leave High Point University as a graduate.


If you have further questions about the liberal arts core, or about any other academic program here at High Point, please don’t hesitate to contact your personal admissions counselor.  We look forward to working with you throughout this process.  Also, if there is anything else that you are interested in learning more about, please contact me at, and I will make sure that it goes into my next blog post!


Have a great day y’all!