Greetings future Panthers!


I hope that you are having a wonderful end to your week, and that you are moving closer to finishing your application to High Point University.  Please keep in mind that the Early Decision deadline is coming up on November 1st and the Early Action deadline is coming up on November 8th.  Completing your application before these deadlines is the next step to you becoming a part of our extraordinary community!



A big part of your application is your personal statement, also known as the college essay.  The High Point University application provides three different topics for you to choose from, all of which show us a little bit more about you than can be found on a transcript or resume.  They are broad topics, and they are meant to be a fun way for you to be creative and talk about something that is really important to you.


The personal statement is a fantastic way to showcase more about yourself, or to talk about something that isn’t easily defined by a test score or a GPA.  For example, when I was writing my own college essay, I wrote about Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.  It is my favorite movie of all time, and I identified with the character of Cameron, who came out of his shell by the end of the movie.  I went through the same growth in high school, and I felt that the movie was a great way to talk about my own experiences.


Now, in hindsight, I now know that writing a college essay about a kid that skips school was not the best idea!


That being said, writing about something as personal as my favorite movie was a great way to show the college of my choice who I was and the kind of student that I would be when I got there.  That is the purpose of these statements, so I encourage you to think about what you write about carefully and to take your time with the process.


Also, make sure to review and proofread your application and personal statement before you hit the “submit” button.  An application is a handshake, and the personal statement is no different.  Make sure that you have someone look over your personal statement before you send it in to us.  Trust me, it helps!


Have fun with these personal statements, because we have fun reading them.  Good luck, and good writing!