The Right Choice

As we return from fall break, I realized that in just 8 short weeks High Point University has become my home. While I was home, almost everyone asked me the same question. “Are you enjoying college?” I didn’t even have to think twice before an emphatic “Yes!” flew out of my mouth.


Thinking back on that question, I realize that my answer is positive because I made the right colligate choice for myself. As your college acceptance letters start to roll in, I’m sure that it’s all starting to get pretty overwhelming. Now is the time to start thinking about what choice includes what is important to you academically, recreationally, and environmentally.


I chose High Point University because it provided one of the best up-and-coming Communication programs in the country. Oh and being chosen as a Media Fellow helped my decision too. (Be on the lookout! Applications for this amazing program will be out soon.) Recreationally, High Point has all of the clubs and organizations that I was interested in being a part of. I knew that I wanted to go to school in North Carolina because I love the environment. HPU won my heart out of all the NC schools because it has all aspects of an extraordinary environment.


As I write this blog surrounded by my new family in my new home, I’m so glad that I made the decision to come to High Point University and I am looking forward to everything that will offered to me in the next four years.

Until next time,