From the Darkness Comes Light

Luckily, it has been a beautiful couple of weeks here at High Point but it goes without saying that the destruction that Sandy left behind still hangs heavy on the hearts of High Point’s students. With so many of us hailing from the North, like me, countless people have been affected in some way by the Hurricane that brought the shore to it’s knees. HOWEVER, even in the darkest of hours High Point University remained on point with support for students and assistance in any form that they could possibly provide.


Without a doubt no other school could have provided so much support for the students while we are hundreds of miles from home. The president, Dr. Qubein, even sent a personal email to all of the school’s students offering his condolences, prayers, and helping hand wherever he could. On top of all the support being given to the students, the school mobilized immediately and set up multiple events to raise money and awareness for those suffering tremendously in the North and reached out to all of the students about it.


It truly touches my heart and gives me complete peace of mind knowing that my school is going to every possible extent in order to help those affected by the hurricane. The family and friends I have back at home certainly are appreciative, along with everyone else, for any assistance they can get while they try to pick up the pieces and recover. 

I promise the next post will be much more upbeat! However I could not let the extensive efforts of our school go without being mentioned for others to know how truly caring this learning environment is.

Until next time!