Jan 31st, 2013

Home Sweet High Point

I want to take a few seconds and congratulate all of you who have been accepted to High Point University, as of recently. I will never forget the day I received my acceptance letter, for it was truly the beginning of a new, incredible chapter of my life.


But enough about that, let’s talk about where you’re going to live, when you get here! There are so many incredible housing options available for freshman. Lets see, you could live in Blessing, York, the University Center, Belk, Millis, Finch or The Complex. Overwhelming? I know it seems like there are so many choices, and you’re right, but the best part is that Residence Life at High Point University will work with you, doing anything and everything necessary to ensure you are happy in your home at HPU.


Obviously, you always have the option to live alone, without a roommate, but I bet you’re wondering how you go about selecting a roommate, right? If not, I’m going to tell you anyway. It’s pretty simple, actually, because it’s totally up to you! If you meet someone on Facebook, and the two/three/four of you get along well, then you are more than welcome to live together! If you would like to be matched up with someone sharing similar interest and/or personality traits, then you will have an opportunity to take a compatibility test, in which case High Point University will match you up with someone who scored close to identical answers as you. Lastly, some people like to live on the edge and go random. You are welcome to grant the University permission to randomly select you a roommate, as well. I have to be honest; there really is no one best way to go about selecting your roommate. I know people who went random, and ended up being the best of friends.


Moral of this story — trust High Point, because they really do go above and beyond to ensure everyone is happy. I promise you, everything will work out…it always does.


Until next time,