Feb 15th, 2013

HPU Takes on the Harlem Shake!

As the sun shined and weather rose up to the high sixties, I hatched the idea to make a “Harlem Shake” video for High Point. Little did I know that with such little planning and advanced notice, High Point’s students and faculty would rally around to make the event a total success.
The “Harlem Shake” is a video phenomenon that has swept the web and many schools have done their own rendition of it. As I said before, the entire event was planned with very little time margin. Regardless of this obstacle, HPU’s caring faculty went out of their way to help me plan and we even had a guest appearance by Prowler the Panther, our mascot!



The final product was a success for everyone involved. Without a doubt, this entire encounter proved to me that as a community of students and faculty, there is nothing that this school can not accomplish. Here’s the video!