Feb 15th, 2013

Guest Blog: So Many Majors, Such Little Time


Hey there! My name is Kyle Berube. I am 19 years old and from Long Island, New York. I am a sophomore at HPU, with a major in Journalism, and minors in both Marketing and Human Relations. I am a member of the Media Fellows Program, and I am a part of a bunch of other organizations like the Marketing Intern Team, and HPU TV.


Already hard at work with my next year’s plans, I am at the point where I have to make important decisions about things like internships, business opportunities, and the list goes on. The big time adult stuff. One of the most influential decisions to make is regarding your majors, and or minors.


Choosing the right majors and minors are so important to insuring you get the most possible out of your degree. Your majors guide you into the careers that you can spend the rest of your life doing. Minors are a great way to learn a lot of additional knowledge about things other than your core studies. I have flip-flopped so many times between certain majors and minors, in order to find the ideal combination for me. And I have indeed found it! For me it is Journalism/Marketing/Human Relations, like I said before. At some point I had either a major or minor in English, Non-Profit Leadership, and even Theatre. I personally think that there are two main schools of thought, in helping you make a decision regarding majors and minors:


1.)  Major in What You Want To Do, Minor in What’s Fun. The theory behind this is that your minors have to do with what your extracurricular activities are like. The stuff you do for fun. Because they are far less intensive, and time consuming when compared to majors, you are able to take things that are far more fun, interesting, or unknown to you.

2.)  Your Majors and Minors Should Make You a Well Rounded Person. Any majors and minors that you have should add up to make you the ideal person for a career. Minor in things that make you a good worker, employee or leader, and major in things that fit your ideal career perfectly.


Now, I personally do not know which one is more effective in life, that’s purely a personal decision for you to decide. It just so happens that the latter ideology seems to be working out for me. But what I do know is that both of these have the power to be extremely successful. That, however, is completely up to your own doing. You can sit in the back of your classroom and slack off, but you will walk out of school with nothing to show for it. Whatever you choose to major or minor in, by the time you graduate, just make it count. Make yourself the best possible student you can be!


Talk to ya later!

– Kyle


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