Feb 15th, 2013

Our Newest Addition

Aloha future Panthers!

I hope that our friends up north are digging out from all the snow.  I’m originally from Maine, and I know all about getting a huge amount of snow at one time.  That’s why I moved to North Carolina in the first place.  For those of you that are ready to get out of the cold, I highly suggest that you do the same!

I went to a small state school in Maine.  I loved my experience, and I loved my classes and my professors there.  A lot of what brought me to work at High Point was that I saw the same level of connection between faculty and students here.  HPU is built on an idea that we are focused on the students first, and because I had come from a school with a similar philosophy, I wanted to be a part of that.


That philosophy carries over into every area of campus, and it includes our amazing facilities.  Today, I wanted to talk about a fantastic new facility that we have opened up for students here at High Point University.  We pride ourselves here at HPU that we provide the most cutting edge technology for all of our students in their respective fields of interest.  Our facilities reflect that pride, and they show our commitment to creating an environment for engaged learning.


Our newest academic facility continues this commitment.  The Human Biomechanics and Physiology Lab has opened this year for students interested in studying Athletic Training, Exercise Science, and other sports or medical related fields.  Located a few blocks from campus, the facility is state-of-the-art and offers amazing opportunities for internships and collaborative research. It’s also really, really cool.


I got the chance to check it out a couple of weeks ago, and I am still blown away by what I saw.  There is a chamber in the lab in which we can raise and lower the temperature, from below 0 to above 150 degrees, to test the effect this has on athletes. We can also increase the barometric pressure, so it feels like they are running at 12,000 feet.  Students interested in health, sports science, or the medical field can use this data for a variety of research projects.


The facility has a wide variety of high-tech treadmills, one of which can be used to reduce the impact of a person’s body weight while they run.  This is wonderful for athletes that have sustained injuries, allowing them to continue training in a low-impact manner.  We also have simulators for golf, and courts for basketball, soccer, and lacrosse athletes, that allow them to see any areas in their game that need improvement.


The Human Biomechanics and Physiology Lab is another in a long line of advancements that we are making here at High Point University.  I hope that you get the chance to take part in them, because they really are incredible.  I look forward to seeing you on campus so you can check them out for yourselves!