Feb 21st, 2013

Presidential Scholarship Weekend

Presidential Scholarship Weekend is an exciting time at High Point University! I remember being super excited to get back on the beautiful HPU campus but I was also a little nervous about the interview portion of the weekend. My guess is your emotions are pretty similar. I’m here to tell you, be confident and really make sure to take in all this weekend has to offer.


My favorite part of the weekend was the Faculty Reception where I had the unique opportunity to meet and talk with my future professors. It eased my mind about the interviews and ultimately gave me the assurance that HPU was the right choice for me. Hearing Dr. Qubein speak, going to my interviews with faculty and current students, and interacting with the faculty at the reception exemplified in just a weekend how HPU cares for their students and that the benefits of attending High Point University would be plentiful.

To help with any nerves you may have towards the upcoming weekend, here are some helpful pointers:


What to Wear

The weekend is pretty much business casual, starting with dinner on Friday night and into the interviews on Saturday. For guys, this means button down or polo shirts, slacks or khakis and dress shoes. A jacket is optional on Friday but that’s preferred on Saturday. Girls, a dress, or blouse/ collared shirt with either a skirt or pants and a blazer would all be appropriate. (Check out the poster board Claudia Mota put on the Facebook group below!)


What to Bring

1. A Resumé (not required but still great to bring)

You may want to include your extracurricular activities, any academic honors, employment and volunteering you’ve done.


2. A Positive Attitude

Winston Churchill once said “Attitude is a big thing that can make a huge difference.”

Like I said before, even though this weekend involves interviews—don’t forget to enjoy the other opportunities like the University Previews on a variety of topics, the Campus Life Q & A—where you can ask current students about their HPU experience, and Campus Tours.


3. Confidence

Remember to just be yourself and let your true colors shine through! This is a way for us to get to know you better—so be confident in the things that led you to this weekend; it’s something to be proud of!


What to Expect

On Friday night there will be a formal dinner for you and your parents (don’t forget your tickets). There will be special entertainment and President Qubein will speak. Then be sure to get a good night sleep because Saturday is when the excitement really begins!


On Saturday, you will have two interview times (it will all be explained on your schedule). There will be one faculty member and two current students—these students are current Presidential Scholars, so remember they were in your shoes only a short time ago. Mixed into the day are the sessions I mentioned before for you and your parents, a Campus Life Q & A, Campus Tours, and tours of the new Biomechanics and Physiology Lab.


Last weekend I had the opportunity to interview perspective scholars and I must say that I had a great time doing it and enjoyed being on the other side. It was great getting to know some of you and all of your accomplishments. It really put in perspective how far I’ve come in only a year at HPU!

Looking forward to seeing you all on campus!

Until next time,