Feb 28th, 2013

Experience is Key

Sometimes people ask me how it is being a biology major and having “all of those science courses.” Honestly, the thing that I enjoy most about my chemistry and biology classes is putting the things I’ve learned into practice and learning about how others are doing the same. Science classes aren’t just sitting around and listening to a lecture; my professors provide tools that go beyond the textbook and engage us in order to make what we learn applicable.


For example, in my chemistry class, we learned about chemical reactions and how the combinations of different elements produce different reactions, but in my chemistry lab, we were able to imitate those reactions using materials in the lab. Not only did we study them in class, but we had the opportunity to make them happen, ourselves, and see first-hand how chemicals interact.


Likewise, in my biology lab, we’ve measured the heart rate of daphnia, examined blood cells in different solutions, and found amoeba using a microscope, just to name a few things. We’ve also had the opportunity attend speaking events featuring scientists explaining their research and studies of different conditions and diseases. It’s reassuring to hear professors and other professionals talk about their experiences and how we can learn from them.


Learning isn’t just about the lecture; it’s about what you do outside of the classroom as well. Hands-on learning can make a big difference to you as a student, and I think that is what impacts one’s feelings about a particular subject and make it enjoyable. High Point University incorporates experiential learning into every major and throughout various courses. When students graduate they are equipped with the knowledge AND experience they need to be successful. This is one of many things I love about HPU. I love my major, and I feel like I can really challenge myself in biology and get the most of it because of the experiential learning that HPU provides.


Until next time,