Greetings future Panthers!


Today, I wanted to talk about something that might not sound all that exciting.  Unless, of course, you can understand the dialog from The Big Bang Theory without a translator.


This weekend, SERMON, the South Eastern Regional Meeting on Numbers, will be taking place at High Point University.  Mathematicians from across the country are coming to campus to discuss Number Theory, Fermat’s Little Theorem, and a wide variety of other mathematical equations and quandaries.


As Professor Fuselier, who is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics here at HPU, said, “Look for us, we’ll be the group of awkward mathematicians!” Sounds like fun, right?!


Now, Number Theory and highly theoretical equations might not be your cup of tea.  You might understand every third word of what is said at something like SERMON.  And that’s perfectly ok.  Everything that we do here at High Point University is meant to be interesting for every student.


What’s great, however, is that this type of conference is something that is incredibly beneficial to many of our students.  Our Math, Physics, and Computer Science students have a tremendous opportunity to learn from some of the top minds in their field.  They get a chance to connect and interact with leading researchers, which will ultimately lead them to better internship opportunities and placement in graduate schools.  Hosting SERMON on our campus has opened doors for these students, and I think that’s pretty cool!


We host things like this all the time here at High Point University.  Because of our small size and our professor-taught classes, our undergraduates get a chance to do the same kind of research that is showcased at these kinds of conferences.  It helps them prepare for life after HPU, and it helps them gain the confidence they need to dive into their profession upon graduation.


I’m hoping to stop by SERMON this weekend and see if I can follow along.  I’m sure that my eyes will cross after a few minutes, and I’ll be confused during the entire experience.  And I’m fine with that.  Because I know that the true audience, our High Point University students, will be getting the message.

Until next time,