Apr 12th, 2013

The Sky is the Limit

On Wednesday, March 20, High Point University welcomed some of North Carolina’s most innovative entrepreneurs to an entrepreneurial roundtable discussion, moderated by our very own, Dr. Nido Qubein. This event was open to the public, and of course, free of charge for the High Point University student body.

This roundtable included incredibly successful entrepreneurs who have revolutionized the non-profit, furniture and social media industries. Additionally, world famous entrepreneur and public speaker, Richard Childress, President and CEO of Richard Childress Racing, was on hand to talk to the crowd about what it takes to be successful, and perhaps more importantly, remain successful. Richard Childress said that in order to succeed in this world, whether you want to be a business leader, educator, or whatever your trade may be, one must be willing and accepting to fail. Failure is part of the learning process, and some of the world’s most successful innovators would be nonexistent, had they let a few obstacles get in the way. So, I found that to be incredibly inspiring, because everyone is afraid to fail, but those who chose to turn a failure into an experience are the ones that succeed.

Secondly, we were beyond fortunate enough to welcome North Carolina Governor, Pat McCrory. Governor McCrory was there to share his insight in regards to working towards success.

It’s not everyday that you have an opportunity to listen to some of the country’s most innovative thinkers, all on the same stage. This is just one of the many inspiring, intellectually rewarding opportunities High Point University has to offer, but I promise you, at this University you will have every and any opportunity to work towards your full potential, and that’s what matters most. Here, everyone wants to see everyone succeed, and in an inspiring environment like HPU, the sky is truly the limit.





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