Registration 101

Hello prospective students!

My name is Alexa Crawford. I’m a Senior Business Administration Entrepreneurship major, from California. I serve as a University Ambassador and Operation Smile President. I enjoy serving others and being involved in social entrepreneurship ventures. I started my own business while a here at High Point University, through the Entrepreneurship center, for women that have been diagnosed with life threatening illnesses.

Now that you’ve learned a little about me…


I hope you all are having a wonderful spring, and getting ready for a fun-filled summer! As your new college experience approaches, I know you are beginning to look into class schedules, and choosing the correct classes for your major.

The one thing I would highly encourage for all of you to participate in, is an Early Registration event.  Early Registration allows you to meet with your advisor, and begin brainstorming classes that would both challenge you, and capitalize on your strengths!

When you meet with your advisor, you begin your relationship with the individual that will help guide you through your years at High Point University. By establishing this connection early and working on classes at the beginning of your college career, you set yourself up for success immediately.

I took a difficult course load freshman year, and at the beginning, I was nervous as to the amount of studying I would have to accomplish! Soon, I began to realize though, that working hard the fall of your Freshman year is a great choice.  It sets the standard for how hard you will work the next four years. And, the more classes you take, the more people you will meet.

If questions arise during your classes, make sure to contact your mentor and advisor assigned to you! And, always keep an eye out for tutoring schedules, as well as an in-class tutor too. These were the individuals that have helped me so much in my years at High Point University!

I hope this bit of advice helps you on your journey into the academic life of college. Find your mentor, challenge yourself in your classes, keep up communication with your advisor, and utilize our tutoring resources on campus immediately after questions arise!

We want to see you succeed, and enjoy every second of your freshman year at HPU!

Please comment below if I can help you answer any questions you may have about the Early Registration Process! I hope to see you soon at an Early Registration event!!


Alexa Crawford

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