Donté’s first few weeks

Donte Hobbs

Hey Everyone,

It’s Donté here. Now that I’ve been introduced on the blog, I’d like to talk to you about my first few weeks of school.

First: move-in day. I was so excited to drive onto campus knowing that this was going to be my new home for the next four years. I actually shed tears of joy, that’s how excited I was. I’m currently living in Belk, one of the many options for freshmen to live in. I love the Belk dorm because I have the pleasure of living with seven other guys who are just like me, so there’s great chemistry and companionship here. The good thing about my suite is that my suitemates and I had been talking all summer, so we had all gotten to know each other before coming to HPU. The first hour we spent together we were already cracking jokes and getting to know each other’s habits (yes, both good and bad.)

Next came our opening ceremony. During Convocation, we got to listen to several speakers welcome us to campus including our very own president, Dr. Nido Qubein. Get this: as part of the ceremony, there was even a bald eagle that flew over the crowd. Once the ceremony ended, we had to say our farewells to our friends and family. It was tough, but knowing what I had to look forward to made it easier.

After a fun first weekend finding your way around campus and meeting new people, the first week of classes really does sneak up on you! I was kind of nervous at first, but I told myself that this is a fresh start and everything would be all right. I love the courses I’m taking and my professors are incredible.

One piece of advice I’d give all incoming freshman is to be as outgoing as you can, even if you’ve never considered yourself a people person. Go around and introduce yourself! It’s the best ways to make friends.

Considering that I’m from up North, I was shocked that I’ve already picked up some southern slang. Yes, I say y’all now. I can’t help it—it’s already become a part of me. And so has High Point; it’s changed my entire way of thinking, for the better!

Talk to y’all soon,


Donte Hobbs