Kara’s favorite faces on campus

Hi everyone!

It is hard to believe that it has only been four weeks since I have been at school…with all of my busyness, I feel like I did not even leave High Point for summer vacation, although I am not complaining! I am so happy I was able to get to school early and help move in the Class of 2017.

Jamie, Caroline, Emily, and I were assigned to the University Center building where we unpacked the freshmen’s cars and brought all of their belongings into their rooms. I was so happy when we got our lunch break – 400 stairs (we counted) multiple times definitely leads to a voracious appetite! I loved seeing freshmen move-in from an upperclassman’s position. It was so great to see some of the incoming faces as well as make new friends!

After walking back to my dorm room in Wilson (a suite/apartment I share with five other girls), I was ecstatic to see one of my favorite workers on campus – Schauwecha, one of the nurses at Cornerstone Health who administers my allergy shots.She was getting into her car after work. Last January during my build-up doses (allergy shots once a week for four weeks), we really got to know each other and developed a great relationship. Even though I only came in once a month starting in February until school ended, I was always so excited to see her and follow up with where we left off (where she went on vacation during Spring break, how her Easter was, etc.) When I was under the weather the week before exams, she even came in to my room after I was finished seeing the doctor and gave me a hug and to feel better. Anyway, imagine my surprise when she stops her engine and comes to hug me! It was such an incredible feeling to be remembered and happy to be back on campus!


Another extraordinary worker that it would be hard not to know is Ms. Terri at the Farmer’s Market, a dining option on campus with all-you-can-eat healthy choices.Ms. Terri is full of energy, happy and excited to see you when you check in with her before you eat. She wears all sorts of buttons on her apron, representing lots of organizations including Greek fraternities and sororities. I swear she compliments something about my outfit every day! Ms. Terri is a friend to all and sincerely loves working at High Point University. I love her Quote Thursdays. Last week, she wrote, “You can’t control the winds, but you can adjust your sails…Go HPU!” On such little hands, it is such an inspirational message that inspires positive thinking and uplifting thoughts.

I would also like to give a special shout out to the Biology Department, specifically Dr. Sapp, Dr. Crater, and Dr. Campbell. After communicating with them on a consistent basis this summer, they have successfully helped me line up a multitude of projects that will contribute significantly to my career plans. Without them, I would not be able to do the following:

Work specifically as a Pre-Dental volunteer at the North Carolina Missions of Mercy clinic in a couple of weeks in Salisbury, NC.

Study abroad in Ecuador and the Galapagos this May while earning credit in both my upper-level biology electives and Global Service credit.

Apply to SMDEP.

Make plans to study abroad at Le Sorbonne this Summer or next Fall.

Work on traveling to a third-world country for a dental mission trip.

They really have all worked together to help me pursue my dream, yet still allow me to have some fun! While I am heavily involved in science/healthcare related clubs such as HOSA and the Biology Club, I am also able to get involved in other interests such as College Republicans, Running Club, and my sorority.

It has been a busy four weeks, but I am loving it. I have had a great first month at HPU. I am enjoying all of my classes (Botanty, Chemistry, Psychology, and Intermediate French), spending time with friends, and getting to know my professors a bit more.

I would love to answer some questions in my next blog post, so please feel free to email me (benkok12@highpoint.edu) or write on my Facebook wall!


Happy September!


Kara Benkovich

Kara Benkovich