Aloha Future Panthers!

I hope that you are having a wonderful start to your semester.  Where did the summer go?!

For many of you, you have just started your last year of high school.  Over the next year, as you continue your college search process, you may feel overwhelmed and excited, nervous and thrilled, anxious and confident.  There will be many things to think about as you try to find the college that is right for you.  Do they offer the major that you are looking for?  Will the college prepare you with real world experiences that will translate into a successful career?  Will you be able to make friends with your fellow students?  Will the food be good?!

Thinking about these things, along with hundreds of others, is perfectly normal. I want you to know that many students have been in your shoes, and they have made it through the college search process just fine.

We are here to help you with during your journey to become a member of the extraordinary community here at High Point University.  Our caring staff and faculty will do everything that we can to answer any questions that you may have throughout this upcoming year.  We are here to help and to show you why so many students just like you have decided to start their futures with us.

I encourage you to make the most out of this upcoming year.  It is going to fly by, and you don’t want to miss any of it.  Keep working hard in the classroom, and keep making wonderful memories with your friends. Do this, and also remember that amazing opportunities await you here at High Point University.  I can’t wait for you to take part in them!

Have a great start to your semester, and I hope to see you on campus soon!