Sep 18th, 2013

How Briayna keeps busy

I told you in my bio that I was very involved here on campus, now let me tell you just how involved!

Campus Concierge, Peer Mentor, Civitan Club, The Bonner Leader Program… these are just some of the things I’m involved in, and only a brief look at some of the 50+ campus clubs, organizations and opportunities here on campus! From the day I stepped onto High Point University’s campus the September of my senior year of high school, I knew HPU would have a lot to offer.

In addition to my classes and working at Campus Concierge, I have the extraordinary opportunity this year to receive academic credit for my internship at the World Relief center here in High Point, assisting in the resettlement and placement of refugees from all over the world!

Growing up, community service and keeping busy were always important to me. Helping others is something I consistently strive to do and I didn’t want it to end with high school! Here at High Point University, I’ve definitely found groups and opportunities to keep myself occupied aside from schoolwork. One could say that during my freshman and sophomore year I was a little “over involved,” but now that it’s my junior year, I’ve streamlined my activities and responsibilities.

I am able to continue being active in community service through the Bonner Leader Program and Civitan International. Civitan International is a community-focused volunteer service club, with groups in locations around the world. Civitans are dedicated to helping those in their local communities however they can.


The Bonner Leader Program is new to the university, this year being the first year. Bonner Leaders commit to 6 to 8 hours of direct community service a week, and participate in regularly scheduled leadership and skill development workshops. Students are volunteers, coordinators and managers of the community partner they work with throughout the year, and are rewarded with work-study financial support stipends

At the beginning of freshman year, a skit titled, “There’s just nothing to do at HPU” is put on by the Office of Student Life’s Peer Mentors. With options like Campus Activities Team planned events, sports games, Monday and Friday night movies, Cultural Enrichment events, and the list goes on and on, there are definitely things to do at HPU! To see what kinds of things are happening on campus, click here to see this year’s Fall 2013 C.A.T. calendar!for their dedication.

If you have any questions about these clubs and organizations, leave a comment and let me know!


Briayna Cuffie