Steph can’t wait for Family Weekend!

Well everyone, this is the first of many last traditions for me here at High Point University: Fall Family Weekend.

It has always been a tradition that my dad comes to Fall Family Weekend and my mom visits for Spring Family Weekend, so this will be the last time my dad comes to campus until graduation! There are so many fun things to do on campus with your parents, including art exhibits, an open house at the Biomechanics lab, lectures, movies, athletic events, and family fun games such as bingo! A child at heart, I am very excited to see Despicable Me 2 with my dad!

Usually, my dad and I restock my room with any groceries or cleaning products I need, have dinner both on and off campus and take time to just be together! My dad has been my biggest supporter my whole life. He was the one who initially told me about HPU and brought me here to tour the campus. My dad has been there with my every step of the way throughout my career at HPU, and I couldn’t imagine a Fall Family Weekend without him. It’s hard not to be inspired when you step on this campus, and you can see that in my dad’s eyes every time he gets a chance to come up and visit.

It’s crazy to me that we are almost at the end of September and my dad is coming back up to campus. I am very excited to share my school’s beauty with him one last time before I graduate this May. It’s so nice to have family come to visit despite everyone’s busy schedules.

I hope you all are having a great start to your school year! Each day that passes is one closer to you (hopefully!) being at High Point University!