Nov 06th, 2013

HPU is everywhere!

Aloha future Panthers!

I am finally back in the office after six weeks on the road.  I had a wonderful time meeting with many fantastic students and families, all of whom are hoping to join our amazing community here at High Point University.  A few quick things that I learned:
I am not meant to drive in Boston traffic (it gives me anxiety.)

If you say “y’all” and “wicked” in the same sentence, you will get some funny looks from people.

High Point University is truly becoming a national name in higher education!
As I drove around New England this year, I saw more HPU bumper stickers than I ever have before.  I saw more students wearing HPU gear.  I saw more HPU posters in high schools.  I saw more HPU pennants flying from cars.  More and more people know about the wonderful things happening here at High Point University than ever before!

I’m excited for this trend to continue, but I need your help.  If you have visited campus, be sure to wear your High Point University shirt wherever you go.  If you have come down for an Open House, put that magnet we gave you on your car right away.  Tell the world that you are excited to become a part of something truly special!

If you want to take part in this and you haven’t visited campus yet, I would encourage come see what everyone is talking about as soon as you can!

And if you can’t get down today, stop the next person you see wearing something that says “High Point University” on it.  I’m willing to bet that what they have to tell you will be extraordinary.