Nov 18th, 2013

Bonners take on the HPU Ropes Course

The Millis Estate: A Donation that offers an outer body experience for students

Donated in late 2011, the 22-acre Millis Estate offers a house to be used for professional meetings and retreats, as well as tons of open outdoor space. Not only is the Millis Estate often used for paintball (one of the awesome events planned by Campus Activities Team), it is also home to the Outdoor Discovery HPU Ropes Course!

The HPU Ropes Course includes a high ropes course, a low ropes course, a 250-foot zip line, a climbing pole and a practice area where students learn how to use the equipment necessary for the course before they begin. The courses were built to be utilized by classes and student groups who are studying leadership and team building strategies.

As the first of what will be monthly Bonner Bonding activities, we started with the much talked about Ropes Course! Deciding to go was, of course, a unanimous decision. Even though we went in the middle of November, we lucked out with weather! We were hoping the sun would come out, but had no luck. However, it wasn’t too cold, and the clouds were just there for decoration–no rain! One of my fellow Bonners, Ashlyn, who was just as nervous to do it as I was, said it was “a once in a lifetime experience,” and Bonner Te agrees that going through the course was “definitely worth it.”

Our pictures can be found on our Facebook page, but here’s a sneak peek!
Ropes Course
Ropes Course

Hopefully when you come to HPU, you’ll have a group of friends brave enough to do the Ropes Course with you! Until my next adventure…

– Briayna