We’ve got a surprise for you…

Wow guys…I promised you a surprise post last week and I hope the suspense hasn’t been killing you…aha just kidding! But seriously, last week was an incredibly busy week. I was away last weekend with our HPU Running Club, as I ran my first half marathon in the Charlotte Thunder Road Race. Surprisingly, I am not that sore – however, my toenails are in pain…yuck. I had the privilege of spending time with my Uncle Joe and his wife Angela, too. Going away always makes me realize how lucky I am to go to such an amazing school. I missed everything, and I was only gone for 24 hours.

kara racing


So here’s the real surprise: my friend Evan has joined our blogging team – YAY! It’s crazy to think that I only met him in the beginning of this year, but it goes to show how quickly friendships here at HPU can build. It helps that I spend a lot of time with Evan, we are basically the same person: biology majors wanting to go into the health care field, members of Greek life, social butterflies if you will, and very sassy. He’s like the brother I never had, we can easily bicker and laugh about it ten seconds later, after we’ve figured out who’s right about a problem we are discussing. It’s really nice to have a study partner who’s also a friend – it makes it a lot easier! You might hear me refer to him as my work husband…that’s exactly who he is. I am looking forward to next semester with him, since we tried to make our schedules fit together so we could be in the same classes, or at least have the same teacher. PS–he is ALSO going to study abroad in Ecuador and the Galapagos this May with me!!! WOOHOO!

Evan and I

Evan and I at formal

evan and kara 3

Excited about chemistry!


A little bit less excited about chemistry

A little bit less excited about chemistry…


Evan is from Chicago, Illinois and is pretty sarcastic, sometimes his jokes go right over my head. He has a good heart and a great personality. He is going to make a splash on this blog and I cannot wait for y’all to meet him. Make sure to send him a friend request and ask him some questions!

He can't wait to start blogging!

He can’t wait to start blogging!


Happy Application-Submitting!

Cannot wait to meet you guys.

Send me questions!