Students and parents: Wow!

As the admissions application season continues to move full speed ahead, all I can say is “Wow!”


To the many students whose incredible applications I’ve been fortunate enough to read, wow! To the students I have been able to meet during your campus visits, wow! To the students who have already been admitted under our Early Decision plan, wow!


And to the parents, without whom none of these students would be where they are today, WOW! You have raised intelligent, articulate, perceptive and dedicated students who demonstrate such incredible aptitude and leadership ability. I count myself truly fortunate to work for the institution where your son or daughter will spend the next four years.


While you are busy congratulating your student on his or her hard work and taping the acceptance letter onto your refrigerator, please do not forget to congratulate yourself. Without you to help guide and support them, or at the very least, drive them to their campus visit, your student might never have been accepted to High Point University.


A very special time is now beginning for you. Your son or daughter knows where he or she will be going to college nine months from now. For many of you, it will be the first time your house is empty in 18 years. Treasure these next nine months as your child prepares to enter the next phase of his or her life.


From looking at the housing brochure to visiting campus again for Early Registration, there are so many things you can do with your student before he or she leaves home for college. Go dorm room shopping, go buy more purple sweaters, go tell all your neighbors about the incredible university your son or daughter is now a part of! Just go together.


Parents, thank you for raising superb students. Thank you for allowing them to be High Point University Panthers. Welcome to the HPU family!



Andy Bills' Signature
Andy Bills
Vice President for Enrollment