Food Friday! “Silver Line Diner”

As a prospective student, we’re sure you’re considering a ton of different variables in your college search. Let us help you!

“Where will I be able to major in what I want, graduate in four years and become a part of an amazing alumni network?” High Point University. 

“Where will I develop incredible relationships with not only my fellow students, but also a top-notch faculty?” High Point University. 

And maybe you’re one of those people (like us!) who also wants to know, “Where will I be able to eat some seriously delicious food?” High Point University. 

Blogger Kara Benkovich is going to prove that last answer to you for the next nine weeks in her “Food Friday!” series. She’ll introduce you to the best dining options on campus!

This week’s Food Friday is taking you to the Silver Line Diner! Click the link to find out just what Kara has to say! Bon appetit!

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