Feb 19th, 2014

Alumni Success Series – Seth Gold

Hi everyone! It’s Wednesday again and that means it’s another opportunity for me to introduce you to an extraordinary HPU alum! Meet Seth Gold, a 2012 graduate. Here’s his story!

1375852_10151949529078454_1233731034_n“I graduated in 2012 with a double major in marketing and entrepreneurship. Since graduation I have held many hats…While still in High Point, I was lucky enough to start my own company, Bamboo Apparel. I continued to run Bamboo for quite some time after graduating. I recently decided it was time for a change of pace and closed the doors to Bamboo. I decided to start a long-wanted career in real estate. I went and got my license and currently am a Real Estate Professional serving the Triangle area in NC with a specialty in some of the most desirable neighborhoods in Chapel Hill, South West Durham, and Chatham County. I didn’t totally hang up my entrepreneurial/start up hat, though. I am currently working with a couple partners on a new online start up which we are very excited about! Hopefully I can share more on that venture in the future.

What to say about High Point…I would not trade my experiences at HPU for anything. I like to think I was pretty involved around campus which taught me a great deal on how to be able to spread myself out, while being able to still produce worthy results. The education I received in the classroom was of course great, but I really excelled with my out of the classroom experiences with Bamboo and the entrepreneurship center. I owe so much to all my mentors I had and still have from HPU. Being able to learn with a real life business from professors that are the best in their fields of study truly prepared me for everything I have encountered so far in my professional career. I have always believed you become the best by surrounding yourself with the best, and that’s what I got at HPU, the best.”

Talk to you next week!