Apr 16th, 2014

Alumni Success Series – James Jadote

This alum was a really close friend of mine! We worked together in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and shared many tour times together. I was so sad when he told us that he was graduating early, but am so happy for all the success that James has had!

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“I recently graduated in December of 2013 with at major in Business Administration. In the few months that I have been an Alum of High Point U, I’ve successfully secured a full-time position as an Analyst of Compliance Programs at JetBlue Airways within the People (Human Resources) Department. As an Analyst of Compliance Programs, I work within a team of five, and together we oversee the Company’s federal government requirements with regard to Affirmative Action and ADA Compliance. I can easily say that I have an AMAZING job because a lot of my work allows me to interact with various individuals from all parts of the organization.
As for my experiences at High Point, I cannot imagine a better way to spend the past three and half years of my life. High Point exposed me to so much in such a small amount of time, and I honestly owe a lot of my early successes to it. One of the biggest takeaways that I received from High Point would be the early exposure to presenting in front students and large audiences. Whether it was in the front of a classroom full students or it was an Admissions Open House tour full of perspective families, I always felt that this early exposure and practice would set me up for success one day… sure enough in my job today I am called upon to present in front of various sized audiences and executive leaders. My advice to any new student or future student at High Point… take advantage of all the presentation opportunities you can while in college – being proficient in your presentation skills may land you your next job or internship!’
Wishing you nothing but success!