Jul 18th, 2014

Phil’s Roadmap for a Successful Senior Year

With senior year right around the corner, you may start to feel that familiar twinge of anxiety as the time to choose your dream school is rapidly approaching. While summer should definitely be a time to decompress, there are some important factors to keep in mind. Yes, it’s summer, but the best way to feel prepared is to do your homework!

What do you want to study? What unique qualities can you bring to HPU? Where do you see yourself after graduation? These are questions you need to start asking yourself now. While visiting/touring potential schools is a no-brainer, here are some useful tips to help you get a jump on the coming year:

Personally, one my biggest struggles senior year was trying to stay organized. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with application deadlines and SAT/ACT testing among your ever increasing social and academic responsibilities. Creating a special senior year calendar is a simple yet effective way to maintain your sanity. Jot down important deadlines and give yourself time to prepare. Attend an SAT/ACT prep class to boost your confidence. Take a college road trip and don’t forget to stop by HPU’s beautiful campus! Schedule your HPU visit today

Have an honest financial conversation with your parents to see if HPU is a viable option for your college education. One of the best places to start is our Net Price Calculator. This valuable tool allows you to estimate the potential scholarships and financial aid you may qualify for. Scholarships can be the key to attending the school of your dreams. Outside scholarships often have fall deadlines, so start early! Follow the link below to see how the U.S. News and World Report rank the Top Five Scholarship Search Engines


Seek out a teacher or community leader who can write a favorable recommendation letter for you. As HPU only requires one letter, I recommend finding someone who knows you on a personal level and can speak to your individual strengths. Reach out to your HPU Admissions Counselor early on to learn more about any areas of interest!  Admissions Counselor

One important thing to keep in mind is to ENJOY this time in your life. Reflect on all your accomplishments thus far. Senior year will soon be a thing of the past. Take advantage of that family vacation or hang with friends by the pool. Give yourself the break you deserve. In the words of my personal hero and philosopher Ferris Bueller:



Until Next Time,

Phil Foster