Aug 11th, 2014

Top 18 dorm essentials no one tells you about

7824054624_2a59f4d0e5_b[1]HPU Class of 2018: August has come – the month of move-in, and you’re probably taking your highly anticipated shopping spree to Target or Bad Bath & Beyond for your soon-to-be home! Amidst picking your new bed set and wall décor, there are things college students often forget until it’s time to hang all your clothes up and you don’t have enough hangers. But we’re going to help you avoid those late-night emergency trips to Wal-Mart. We have collaborated with current and past HPU students to comprise a list of the top 18 dorm essentials for the Class of ’18 that no one tells you about – until now!

1. Toilet paper & paper towels – although it is a huge luxury to have your own bathroom in your dorm at HPU, students sometimes forget that means supplying your own toilet paper and other paper products. Do yourself a favor and buy in bulk, because the need for these products is ongoing! (Note: toilet paper is provided in dorms with hall-style bathrooms!)_DSC8128

2. Bathroom mat/rug –many of the bathroom floors here at HPU are tile. While aesthetically pleasing, they can be slippery when wet. Safety first!

3. All-surface vacuum – many of the dorms here at HPU, especially apartment style, feature multiple floor surfaces, like carpet and tile. Instead of lugging a larger vacuum, broom, mop and other floor cleaning devices, invest in a multi-surface vacuum. Most of these are slim, lightweight, and break apart for easy transportation. They also feature a canister for easy removal and no bags or filters. This Eureka Quick Up is a perfect bare floor to carpet vacuum for your dorm, and can be found at your High Point Target.

4. Jewelry hangers – we all know that there is nothing more frustrating than untangling a necklace from a never-ending knot of necklaces the morning of your presentation. Avoid the clutter! Invest $5-$10 in a hanging jewelry organizer. You can find cute and unique jewelry organizers at TJ Maxx and Ross, right around the corner from campus!

5. Command Strips/Hooks – let’s face it: no one wants to lug their toolbox to campus, and then there is the whole issue of putting holes in the walls. Do yourself a favor and buy some Command Strips and Hooks. They are sturdy, so you can hang any object with ease, and removal doesn’t strip the paint off the wall. Hooks may not seem necessary, but you will find they help with keeping random items off the floor.

6. Spa7824102466_f16daaf3ab_o[1]re sheets – don’t get caught at 2 a.m. with your sheets in the wash and a test the next morning. Give yourself some wiggle room with a spare set of sheets.

7. Extra hangers – when you run out of hangers at home, you can usually find extras somewhere in the house, right? In college, it’s another story. Don’t get caught putting four shirts on one hanger. Make sure you have enough! You can find a variety of hangers at your High Point Target or Wal-Mart.

8. Power strip – so many electronics, so few outlets! You want to be a good roommate and share the outlets, and power strips will help maximize your charging efficiency.

9. Desk lamp – college schedules are not like high school schedules, and you never know when your roommate will be sleeping. By investing in a desk or clip-on headboard lamp, you will give yourself the lighting you need for homework while letting your roommate get what he or she needs, too.

10. Laundry detergent & dryer sheets – this is one of those things that’s always readily available at home, but is usually not on the top of your dorm checklist. Save yourself some time and invest in the bulk size detergent. Purex 3-in-1 sheets are a huge time and space saver! The sheet contains the detergent, stain lifter and fabric softener, and moves with your clothes from the washer to the dryer. They also come in a portable carrying case! You can find these at Walmart and Target.20120320_HPU_1022

11. A good laundry hamper – sure, you want the hamper that matches your bed set, but take it from us – get the one that’s functional! You will be transporting your laundry (some more than others) back and forth to the laundry rooms alone. Hard hampers and baskets without straps are extremely difficult and uncomfortable to move, especially when they’re carry 20lbs of clothing. Keep the matching one, but when it’s time to do laundry, break out the strong one with straps.

12. Cleaning supplies – you will be cleaning your dorm sooner or later. Don’t wait until you spill your Ben & Jerry’s on the night stand at 1 a.m. to buy Clorox wipes. Get a solid bathroom and kitchen cleaner for the big messes, and cleaner wipes for the small ones. (Heads up: wipes can also double as a mopping alternative in your bathroom. Attach a Clorox wipe to the end of your Swiffer and you’re set!)

13. Hand soap – this one is self-explanatory, but often forgotten until needed.

14. Air fresheners – just like your best friend’s house that’s always smells amazing, you want your dorm to have a welcoming scent that everyone will appreciate. Or at the very least, you want Febreze handy when you need it! Bath and Body Works sells Wallflower plug-ins that are allowed in dorms, and B&BW is conveniently located at Oak Hollow Mall.

15. Stapler and staples – your professors will expect your assignments to be turned in stapled. Unlike high school, professors do not provide staplers and staples. Invest in a stapler and supply of staples. Keep it in your backpack – your classmates and professors will appreciate you!

16. Umbrella – so easy to overlook, but 100% necessary!

17. Hand can opener – most of your dining will be done at a campus dining location, but sometimes you just want to stay in and enjoy a can of Campbell’s chicken noodle soup.  Don’t splurge for the electric opener – you won’t need it that much!

18. Ice cube trays or plastic ice cubes – mini fridges are a lifesaver, but no one tells you they don’t come with an ice maker. Bring an ice cube tray, or try a set of plastic washable ice cubes, like these from Bed Bath & Beyond.

_DSC8042Take it from us – you never know you need it ‘til you need it. And if there’s something you forget, we’re here for you! Target stays open extended hours on move-in weekend for HPU students and their families. This is an exciting time in your life, and we want to give you all the tips and wisdom to make your transition as smooth as possible.