Aug 18th, 2014

#HPUCelebs: 5 people to meet your freshman year

New city, new school, new people. As a High Point University freshman, you’ll be hearing some names thrown around campus, and we’re here to fill you in on what’s what and who’s who before you arrive. In honor of 5 days until #hpu2018 Move-In Day, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 HPU celebrities you should meet this year. No autographs please, but selfies are completely acceptable.

1.     Ms. Valerie, Security Officer – Maybe you saw her on your tour, or perhaps when you arrived for Early Registration. And if you’ve met her, you know – there is no ambiguity, she is unforgettable! Her exciting smile and enthusiastic welcome is often the first thing students see when they first arrive on campus. And after four years, I can tell you for certain that her friendliness and cheer never gets old. Stop your car and tell her good morning once in a while. DSC_12022.     Dr. Carroll, Provost – HPU is your new family, and consider Dr. Carroll that which unifies the family in love. We honestly cannot say enough great things about Dr. Carroll. As Provost, Dr. Carroll oversees all of the university’s academic endeavors and he does it all with a smile on his face. [Seriously, we’ve never seen him not smiling. He’s amazing!] Dr. Carroll will preside over the #hpu2018 Honor Code Signing Ceremony. Make sure you pay attention and take note of what he says. He’s the kind of person we all aspire to be like.

DSC_0201[1] 3.     Ms. Terri, the Farmer’s Market – A woman who can only adequately be described as a ray of sunshine, Ms. Terri is the highlight of many student’s day. She will ask you about your family, your classes, and everything you did that day, not because she’s nosey, but because she genuinely wants to know every student personally. Ms. Terri loves her students, and they love her back. (Hint: she sometimes puts stickers on passports!)

4.     Dr. Qubein, President – The captain of our ship. Dr. Qubein is a man of purpose – Unknown-1he’s not one of those college presidents that attends convocation and disappears into his office, not to be seen again until graduation. Dr. Qubein loves High Point University, and can be found around campus every day, teaching classes, showing people around and greeting visitors. We’ve even spotted him riding his bike through campus – he’s truly a legend! Although I am pretty sure the man does more in his first hour of the day then most of us do in 24 hours, he is never too busy to ask you how your day is, walk with you to class, and sit with you in the Café.  He’s simply the best!

HPU_6223 5.     Prowler, HPU Panther – The illusive purple panther can be spotted at many of our events on campus, but that cat is crazy about HPU Athletics! He rarely passes up an opportunity for some Panther Madness, and is often found exciting the crowd and cheering on the men’s basketball team. But who doesn’t love a little Big South basketball? #GoPanthers Without caring people on campus, we would not be holding up our promise to you and your family: At High Point University, every student receives an extraordinary education in an inspiring environment with caring people. Get to know these celebs and everyone else who calls this place home. This is your home, and we are your HPU family! signature


Taylor Higgins Marketing Coordinator