Aug 22nd, 2014

The Clock Tower is Ticking: 18 Tips for #HPU2018

The countdown to #HPUMoveIn has officially transitioned from days to mere hours. Tomorrow morning, we will be waiting at the gates with smiling faces to welcome you and your family to your new home, and we can’t wait! Now that you have your housing assignments, schedules, campus box numbers, books and dorm essentials, we want to offer up some last nuggets of wisdom as you begin the most important journey of your life thus far. Here are some tips for #HPU2018 from the HPU Admissions Team & Department for Institutional Advancement:

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1. Be Responsible! If you need help, let someone know. – Joe Cristy, Director of Admissions Recruitment

2. Break out of your comfort zone and start something NEW! -Victoria Phibbs, IT Training Specialist

3. Follow your dreams! -Clint Walker, Director of Men’s Basketball Operations

4. Much of college is about meeting new and different people — embrace them, value them, respect them. -Jan Knox, Director of Alumni & Parent Support

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5. Give Back — Volunteer! -Dylan Robinson, Admissions Counselor

6. Make sure to call home and tell your parents THANK YOU!! – Claudia Mota, Director of Marketing Services for Admissions

7. This is YOUR journey, not anyone else’s! -Danita Salone, Associate Director of Admissions

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8. Don’t forget to have FUN! -Rachel Ward, Assistant Director of Marketing Services for Admissions

9. Don’t be anonymous! – Haverly Erskine, Senior Admissions Counselor

10. Get out of your comfort zone and try something new. – Philip Foster and Bill Deitrick, Senior Admissions Counselors

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11. Go to the Activities Fair! – Heather Livengood, Director of Events for Admissions

12. Don’t forget to say please and thank you! Also, dress for the job you want, not the job you have. -Laney Morris and Sally Farrar, Senior Campus Visit Coordinators

13. Check your email and go the extra mile to get to know your professors. – Sarah Michalec and Taylor Higgins, Admissions Marketing Coordinators

14. Go to HPU athletic events! #GOPANTHERS – Whitney Belk, Admissions Counselor

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15. Go to Cultural Enrichment Events! – Marianne Menius, Senior Admissions Counselor

16. Study Abroad! -Emily Saunders, Alumni Relations Program Coordinator

17. Go to your Hall Programs! – Taylor Bradley, Admissions Counselor


18. BE EXTRAORDINARY! -Andy Bills, Vice President for Enrollment

In your first weekend on campus, there will be a lot of new information for you to learn, but there are also things we don’t want you to forget. Most importantly, don’t forget everything that your parents have taught you. They’ve spent 18 years instilling in you the values and morals they hope will stay with you through your lifetime. As an extension of your home, we hope to continue modeling these values as you grow and develop into young adults. You parents have given you roots of security and love, and High Point University will give you wings of opportunity and greatness.

Before you go to bed tonight, give your family a hug and kiss and tell them you will miss them — because you will! And after Convocation on Sunday morning when they are wiping their tears and packing the car to leave, don’t forget to tell them thank you for their sacrifices and for believing in you enough to send you to High Point University. Your family knows you are extraordinary, and so do we!

Safe travels to you and your family — we’ll see you bright & early!