Aug 25th, 2014

52 Weeks #HighPointHappy: The Return of Students & PS Lattes

It’s week 2 of #HighPointHappy, and we’ve got 2 reasons to celebrate:photo 1

Reason #1: Students are back on campus! Despite all of the beauty and pristine of our campus, it’s just not the same without you all here. It is you, the students, who bring our campus to life, and we are so glad you’re back! We hope you will explore the updates and additions that took place while you were gone, especially the new Reflecting Pool behind Roberts Hall. (You probably saw it when you tried to park there!)

Reason #2: Fall arrived early at Starbucks, and the pumpkin spice latte returned today! May this year’s early arrival of the PSL be a good omen for the early arrival of Fall. Contrary to the song, nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina in the Fall, so keep an eye on your Fall Students Activity Calendar for trips to Spooky Woods, the Dixie Classic Fair and other Autumn favorite. North Carolina is fortunate enough to have one of the most dramatic displays of Fall foliage in the country, and we don’t mind saying so ourselves!


photo 2



Classes start tomorrow, so spend today getting in some “you time.” Grab a PSL and find a rocking chair by the Reflecting Pool and enjoy this beautiful, breezy day. Most importantly, do what makes you #HighPointHappy.