Aug 29th, 2014

The Hidden Menu

You’ve heard the rumors of #HackTheMenu, or maybe the Starbucks secret menu. Are these secret items all urban legend, or just plain excellent customer service?

After polling a group of HPU students, we are taking you behind the scenes and uncovering some of the “Hidden Menu” items at every dining location on campus, both created by employees and by students.

Disclaimer: some items are not exactly “secrets,” but instead creative concoctions, student favorites and new additions at campus dining locations. Get ready to drool!

1. Silver Line Diner

From all accounts, the Silver Line Diner, located at N. College Terrace, is the place to be for B4D (breakfast for dinner, for amateurs.) And because SLD is all made-to-order, they can pretty much make whatever your tastebuds are yearning for.

Student favorite: French toast sticks

New addition: Tex-Mex bar! #burritobowls

photo 4   photo 3


2. Farmer’s Market

The Farmer’s Market, located on the 2nd floor of Wanek, is a well-known student favorite.  The baked potato and sweet potato bar is a hit with students, and so is the frozen yogurt (deservingly so!) Student Rachel Bozsik likes to get a to-go plate filled with fresh veggies, which she takes back to her dorm and makes stir-fry with her own favorite dressings.

Student favorite: food themed nights

Honorable mention: the peanut butter and jelly bar is notorious for crazy concoctions. Students can suggest their favorite PB&J combination and have the chance to have it featured as the flavor of the day.

photo 1[2]   photo 2[2]



3. Chick-fil-A

We all know that tantalizing smell right outside of Slane — the smell of delicious nuggets and waffle fries. If you’re trying to make a healthier choice, ask for your sandwich on wheat bread. Although not on the menu, Chick-fil-A offers wheat bread for grilled or crispy sandwiches. Master Chick-fil-A sandwich maker Saquina Cobb suggests the crispy chicken on wheat bread with pepperjack cheese. #smallcompromises

New addition: Milkshakes! Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and cookies and cream. I would argue that a petition for holiday peppermint milkshake would be a worthy cause.

photo 1[3]   photo 4[3]


4. The Grille

Another made-to-order location with limitless possibilities, The Grille is located at Aldridge Village, and serves up speciality strombolis, calzones and pizzas straight out of their brick oven. Student Jessie Giaquinto’s favorite Grill specialty is a slice of pizza with a pretty uncommon topping: greek salad! Right there on top.

New addition: Chobani yogurt bar with a plethora of toppings (I personally like the pineapple, coconut and honey!)

photo 5   photo 4[1]


5. The Cafe’

The omelet bar: everyone’s favorite!  Did you also know that the lovely gentlemen at the omelet bar will gladly make scrambled eggs upon request?

And lucky for you, tomorrow August 30, is national bacon day, and we all know the crispiest bacon is at the Caf, so hit up the breakfast bar tomorrow morning. Happy Labor Day, America!

FYI: The Cafe also has soy milk (regular and chocolate, and all variations of almond and lactose-free milk options.)

photo 2[6]   photo 2[4]



6. Great Day Bakery

The vote is in and our students are unanimous: on cold and rainy days of winter, the Bakery’s soup of the day is hard to beat, especially when served in a bread bowl. Today’s soup was potato lentil.

Student favorite: chicken noodle in the bread bowl on a rare snowy night.

FYI: cake pops, coconut macaroons and chocolate covered strawberries have also been spotted in the Bakery’s windows.

photo 4[2]   photo 5[1]


7. The Point

The best burgers on campus are served up at the The Point. Student Hogan Dyer has taken the burger to a whole new level by letting us in on his secret menu item: cheeseburgers on Texas toast. The point serves them up made-to-order with all your favorite toppings and a side of crispy sweet potato fries.

Student favorite: The Point is the only place on campus where you can indulge in the southern legend known as Cheerwine. (Take a look, if you’re not sure what we’re talking about.) You’re welcome in advance.

photo 3[1]   photo 1[5]


8. C-Store

Want sushi, but don’t feel like going all the way to the Grille? C-Store 1, located in the bottom floor of Wanek Center, is the answer to your troubles. Students can get their favorite sushi for a magic meal swipe any hour of the night (P.S. there is a shrimp option!)

C-Store 2, located in Yadkin Hall, is the closest thing to a Mass General Store on campus, complete with by-the-pound candy bar, which includes gummy assortments, old-fashioned favorites and Greek M&M’s (not olive flavored, just color coded for each sorority and fraternity.) C-Store 2 also offers hot made-to-order options, like Philly and chicken cheese steaks.

photo 4[5]   photo 3[6]   photo 5[3]   photo 3[5]


9. 1924 Prime

The steakhouse’s menu is constantly changing with the season, and based on the cultural cuisine being featured, so there are always hidden gems to be found. However, this twist on one of the menu anchors may be one of our new favorites. Started by the athletic teams on campus, the steakhouse will remix your cream potato side order into a “loaded baked potato” with cheese, chives, bacon and sour cream. Make reservations ASAP.

Student Favorites: literally everything on the menu.

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10. Subway

Subway is a popular between  class lunch option for students who had heavy semesters. Did you know that unlike other Subways, students can get however many toppings for their sub at no extra cost? Students Jonathan Yavorsky suggests that when you’re leaving for a break and you have magic meals touse, get a footlong at Subway — this costs two magic meals, but you also get two bags of chips. A sub and chips is easy to eat in transit, and a nutritious one can keep you alert for your drive.

photo 5[2]


11. Starbucks

If you’ve been to Starbucks in Slane yet, you’ve probably met Cam. She is the barista genius behind one of the most notorious hidden menu items on campus: the Green Goblin. A mix of citrus juice and matcha powder (a fancy green tea powder), Camille “Cam” Baldwin takes special pride in her signature drink.

Student favorites: Student Haley McKeown enjoys another one of Cam’s creations: go-go juice, a green tea frappe with mango juice instead of milk.

photo 2[5]   photo 3[2]

HPU was just recognized as one of the top colleges in America for food by The Daily Meal, and we think that’s an honor well deserved!

Do you have your own campus favorites not on the menu? Post your pictures to Facebook and Twitter and hashtag #HPUHiddenMenu and tag @HPUAdmissions. Let everyone in on the secret!