Sep 04th, 2014

Who are we?

Our campus is exploding, and so is our blog!

We’ve experienced a boom in our blog readership over the past month, and we are so thankful! Our most recent blog analytics show that 25% of our readers are first-time visitors to the blog, and 75% are retuning viewers. So to our new viewers, welcome! And to returning readers, welcome back!

We have been offering a good deal of advice to you lately, and sharing much insight with you all from our own personal experiences, and we think it’s important you know who that advice is coming from. So us blog contributors from the Admissions Marketing Team would like to give you a little background on ourselves!




Sarah Michalec joined HPU in July as a Marketing Coordinator in the HPU Office of Admissions. She graduated from Radford University in Southwest Virginia in May 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in design and minor in marketing. Sarah is originally from Salisbury, NC. She is a dog lover, and enjoys college baseball. Sarah believes in collaboration and teamwork.







Taylor Higgins joined HPU in July as Marketing Coordinator in the HPU Office of Admissions. She is an HPU alumna, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Religion in May 2014. Taylor is a writer and avid blogger. Taylor is an animal lover, and her interests include crafting and cooking. She values teamwork, and her favorite quote is “Go the extra mile, because it’s never crowded.”







Rachel Ward is Assistant Director of Marketing for the HPU Office of Admissions. She has been at HPU for almost two years, and is also in charge of the Admissions Call Center. Rachel is a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill. Rachel enjoys traveling, and while in college, she studied abroad in Spain. Rachel and her husband bought a home last year, and she enjoys gardening and other homeowner adventures!






Claudia Mota is Director of Marketing for the HPU Office of Admissions (she believes she has the best job ever, other than being on “The Today Show.”) Claudia oversees the creative thinking, design and implementation of all HPU undergraduate and graduate school marketing endeavors. She is also an HPU alumna, and has been in her role for nearly three years. Claudia enjoys eating macaroons, teaching herself HTML code and and reading theSkimm for her daily news ( .)




If you’re a retuning reader or a current HPU student, you may already be familiar with blogger Phil Foster. If not, click here — Phil offers a unique view of HPU as seen through the eyes of an Admissions Counselor. Next week we will be introducing our intern contributors who will soon be offering advice and insight from the eyes of current and potential students.

Now that we’re acquainted, we would like to invite you back to the blog this Friday for a post we’re greatly anticipating: best apps for college students. Start freeing up some memory space on your phones!

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