Sep 19th, 2014

6 Apps to Keep Your Life in Check

Phones come and go, but apps are forever.

Whether you are eagerly anticipating the release of the iPhone 6 today, have already decided what you love and hate about iOS 8 operating system, or are sticking it out with ol’ faithful until your contract ends, there is one thing we all share equal opportunity in: apps.

In the age of technology, there are apps for everything! If you can dream it up, there’s probably an app for it. You want to use these apps to benefit your life in the best way, but there are so many options, and your memory space on your phone is PRECIOUS. We have identified a few of the best apps for college students to keep your life in check and help you be the best you!


Nike + Running

This is the perfect app for avid runners and fitness enthusiasts alike!  It allows you to map your runs, track the calories you’ve burned and set daily/weekly fitness goals.  You’ll also get audio feedback congratulating you on your progress!  Initially, the Nike + Running app required you to purchase a pair of compatible running shoes.  With the upgraded version, Nike has added a GPS tracking system which enables you to use the app with any pair of running shoes!  You can also connect with Facebook friends for a friendly competition.  There are plenty of options on campus through HPU REC for runners, including indoor and outdoor tracks and gym facilities in most residence halls. But no matter the weather, students can always be found running around campus, enjoying the unbeatable views. Many HPU students enjoy running the Greenway, a three mile trail system connected to campus. Since 2013, I have personally logged over 360 miles with the Nike + Running app!


Trip Advisortrip advisor

As someone who travels for both business and pleasure, this app has been a life saver in more ways than one.  It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when visiting a city for the first time.  With Trip Advisor’s simple yet effective layout, the app allows you to find exactly what you’re looking for.  Whether it’s a great cup of coffee, local burger joint or modern art museum, Trip Advisor has got you covered.  It also allows you to read patron reviews and comments before choosing your destination.  Trip Advisor can be especially helpful in planning your Fall and Spring Break Trips, or when researching your Study Abroad experience. Trip Advisor may also be helpful when your family comes to High Point for Family Weekend. I’ve used numerous Trip Advisor City Guides and have not been disappointed yet!



Snap guideSnap Guide  –

Even though Snap Guide is one of my most recent downloads, I’m already hooked!  For all you DIY enthusiasts out there, this is the app for you.  Snap Guide is basically a huge database of How-To articles with everything ranging from step-by-step recipes, organizational hacks, technology tricks and home improvement projects for that rainy weekend stuck indoors! You can also personalize Snap Guide so articles of interest will automatically populate on your home page.  There are endless how-to guides for college students, from how to add another email account to your iPad and how to effectively use AP Style, to how to make DIY t-shirt blankets and custom crafts. For my next Snap Guide project, I’ll be building a stylish coat rack for the entrance of my apartment!




For all those times you’ve had a friend promise to pay you back and never follow through, the new Venmo app has come to the rescue!  This convenient and free app allows you to easily transfer funds between bank accounts when you don’t have cash on hand.  Whether it’s splitting up the dinner bill at the end of the night or paying someone back for the ride back from Fall Break, you can make it happen with the push of a button.






TED is a non-profit organization devoted to spreading powerful ideas in the form of conferences that bring together experts from around the world to discuss topics of their expertise. TED covers a plethora of topics in more than 100 languages, and is a community for all walks of life. The TED app allows you to select categories based on what you’re interested in, as well as create playlists of videos you’d like to save. As a student, TED can be helpful in providing background and global conversations on subjects you are covering in classes, writing a paper on, or simply just want to learn more about. As an app, you listen to a TED talk while you’re at the gym, doing your laundry or just in transit. TED is literally a world of knowledge at your fingertips. TED is also an online resource, and can be live streamed through the HPU Library.





Getting in the habit of being health conscious at a young age will definitely pay off in the long run!  If you’re concerned that your college diet is lacking protein and nutrients that you were receiving at home, Fooducate is certainly the app for you.  Simply scan the barcode of your favorite items and let Fooducate do the work.  With the use of a scientific algorithm that assess the nutritional value and ingredients, Fooducate will assign the product a grade.  The A through D grading scale will allow you to easily choose which products to keep and which to eradicate from your daily diet. Your brain needs fuel to think and preform, especially as a student! Fooducate can help you make sure that you’re giving your body what it needs to keep up with rigorous class schedules, athletics and extracurriculars at HPU. HPU Dine also offers endless health options to students at all dining locations on campus — check out the online health guides for HPU Dine.



P.S. iPads are available to all students to rent through the Office of IT. 

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