Oct 01st, 2014

HPU Alumna Shares “Teeth Wisdom” with Current Students

There are many special and impressive things about High Point University that you will never get to see on a tour – one of those being our alumnus.

After spending four years here, the culture of generosity marks your soul and stays with you for years to come. Unlike many schools, our alumni don’t disappear after commencement, never to be seen or heard from again. The HPU Alumni play an active role on campus daily – and they invest more than just their money in the university! Many alumni donate their time and expertise to current HPU students by visiting campus to share their knowledge in the classroom and clubs, reserve internships at their prestigious companies, and even serve as mentors to students following their same path.

An alumna that exemplifies this model of mentorship and service is my friend Carli Antor, HPU Class of 2012. Carli was a biology student at HPU who now attends dental school at UNC-Chapel Hill. Although she is extremely busy completing a challenging and rigorous program of study of her own, she often makes time to come back to her alma mater and offer her advice and mentorship to pre-dentistry students here at HPU – me being one of them!

Here’s just a glimpse of how Carli’s active involvement with HPU has benefited me as I prepare to follow a similar career path toward dental school.


FLASHBACK to April 2014

I sit here at 1:30 AM after leaving the Learning Commons from a relatively short night of studying (6 hours), laughing as I put in my retainers and collect my thoughts about my recent adventures. Last week, while grueling, had some amazing high points. On Tuesday, I was inducted as an active member to the HPU chapter of Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA), and was also privileged to accept the position of pre-dentistry liaison during our elections as a society! This is one of many clubs that I am involved in on campus – there is so much to do within and outside of your major at HPU!

HOSA and Biology Club tend to have an overlap of students in each, and as the secretary of Bio Club, I successfully organized a great event with one of our very own alumna, Carli Antor (’12) as a mash-up event for both clubs. Carli was extremely excited to come over from UNC Chapel Hill School of Dentistry to give a presentation containing useful information in many facets about the path to becoming a future tooth fairy!

Carli lit up the room as soon as she started talking – it was clear she was confident in her presentation, and did not fear public speaking. I attribute this strength to her time her at HPU, as her resume is loaded with evidence linking to her star qualities of leadership, service, organization, and teamwork.


It was great to gain some “insider” knowledge about the typical day as a first year student, what she recommends to stand out as an applicant, and other tricks of the trade, like how many schools each student should apply to. The PowerPoint was well thought out, creative, and displayed in a way to garner interest, keep us involved, and focus in on what’s most important. (Her graphics were great too – I really loved the Uncle Sam one!)

I am truly looking forward to having her come back to speak again in the fall to both clubs, and am extremely thankful for such a great resource, suggested to me back in the fall in Internship and Career Services. High Point University truly has so much to offer to undergraduate students!



FASTFORWARD to September 2014

Career and Internship Services at High Point University hosted a wonderful pre-health event this week in the Wilson School of Commerce. Several admissions directors from around North Carolina sat on a panel and answered many important and insightful questions from both students and facilitators alike.

Representatives included Lars Farabee from HPU’s Norcross Graduate School, Dr. Linda Sekhon, head of the HPU Physician Assistant Studies Program, Dr. Ronald Ragan, founding Dean of the HPU School of Pharmacy, and admissions committee members from Wake Forest Medical School, UNC Greensboro’s Counseling Education Program, and Carli Antor, a second year dental student at UNC Chapel Hill. This event was extremely helpful in many ways. Health science students unsure of their exact field were given a better sense of the duties and requirements for each program, and the importance of recommendation letters, personal statements, involvement and statistics about each school.

My favorite part, however, was the reception after the event. It was great to catch up with Carli again and receive her personal opinion on possible summer programs, as well as other things to do with my summer, how to study for the Dental Admissions Test – and it was great catching up with each other! I am really looking forward to going back to UNC Chapel Hill with some new High Point HOSA students and making our presence known at Bridging the Gap meetings!

I am so grateful to be at a university where past and present students are so excited and willing to lend each other a hand in any way possible. Fellowship, service and generosity are more than just codes painted on the wall at HPU – they are the values that students are inspired to live by.


Until next time,

Kara Benkovich