Oct 20th, 2014

3 Steps, You’re in: The World Series Guide to College Admission

Get your peanuts and cracker jacks ready: the World Series begins tomorrow! Umpires in Kansas City and San Francisco will be yelling, “3 strikes, you’re out!” to the two best teams in the MLB, but at HPU we prefer “3 steps, you’re in!” We wouldn’t be good teammates if we didn’t let you in on our batting strategy for being admitted to HPU!

We asked Joe Cristy, Director of Undergraduate Recruitment and Athletics Liaison, to let us in on a few secrets to help HPU 2019 hit a homerun with their application. As a member of the High Point University family for 17 years, a former HPU baseball player and minor league coach, we feel that Joe is suited to coach the 3 steps to being a World Series Contender.




  1. Knock your application out of the park: don’t get hit by the pitch, let your application be your opportunity to shine. Make your personal statement and counselor/teacher evaluation stand out from the crowd and wow the fans. It’s important to keep your eye on the ball when completing your application. Pay careful attention to detail, as well as grammar and spelling – they matter!
  2. Form great relationships with your teammates: Don’t feel like you have to play every position in the admissions process. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions is on your team. Your admissions counselor is the face of HPU in your ballpark, so take advantage of this relationship and learn from them. They’re the ones keeping the books, and ultimately, they’re the one giving you a spot on the team! Don’t stop with your counselor; build relationships with existing students that you know at HPU. Hearing their strategies and game plans will help you better decide what you want out of your college experience.
  3. Put in work on and off the field: Every team wants well-rounded players, on and off of the field. Players aren’t made during the big game; they’re made during practice. It’s the same for the admissions process. We don’t just want to see excellent test scores, we want to see well-versed students who can succeed with rigorous course schedules and challenge themselves to the best of their abilities. Put in the extra work, because every coach loves to see committed players.


If there are two things Joe knows, it’s baseball and admissions. While there’s no proven method for getting teams to be World Series Contenders, Joe does know what it takes to help you be a competitor in the HPU ballpark. Go HPU!

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Sarah Michalec

Admissions Marketing Coordinator



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Joe Cristy

Director of Undergraduate Recruitment and Athletics Liaison