Ever wish you could take a sneak peak at your professor’s iTunes playlist? Ever wonder what your coach was listening to in the car when they pulled up? How about your classmates — ever curious what was playing through their earbuds when they walked into class?

Us too.  So we’ve dug deep into the playlists of your professors, administrators, coaches and classmates to find their “jam.”

Get your headphones on and get to know your HPU family a little better!





Claudia Mota, Director of Marketing Services for Undergraduate Admissions

“My current go-to song is Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake it off’; my all-time favorite song is probably ‘Mr. Jones’ by Counting Crows. When I’m in a car with strangers my go-to music is Counting Crows– you can never go wrong with them. If I was about to play in the Super Bowl I would probably listen to Alicia Keys’ ‘Girl on Fire,’ followed by a collaboration from Jay Z and Justin Timberlake.”



Preston Davis, Minister to the University



Greyson Whitaker ’16, SGA President



Gail Tuttle, Vice President for the Office of Student Life



Dr. Brian Augustine, Professor and Chair for the Department of Chemistry

“I’m tough to pin down musically because there are a lot of different tunes that I listen to depending on the mood or what I am doing. The standbys are Coldplay, Peter Gabriel, and The Sidewalk Prophets. I tend to like jazzy or bluesy music. When running I like Living Colour and Rush.”



Dr. Aaron Titus, Assistant Professor and Chair of Physics

“I have to go with ‘Gonna Fly Now’ from the Rocky soundtrack. It’s between that and ‘Eye of the Tiger.’ When I was in college walking to class to take a physics exam, I would hum ‘Gonna Fly Now’ and imagine Rocky running through the streets of Philadelphia and up the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum.”



Dr. Dennis Carroll, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

“But – my go-to in the car is classical – Charles-Marie Widor’s Tocatta from Symphony No. 5. It really pumps me!”


Roger Clodfelter, Jr., Vice President for the Office of Communication

“Whether I’m on the road cycling or driving in the car, it gets me moving.”


Scott Cherry, Head Men’s Basketball Coach



Taylor Higgins, Admissions Marketing Coordinator

“’The Middle’ is my life’s anthem because it reminds me that everything is temporary. I also love ‘Faithfully’ by Journey and  ‘100 Years’ by Five for Fighting – anyone who has lost someone can relate. It’s brilliant.”



Colin Sweeney ’16, HPU Men’s Soccer

“This is my go-to song, whether it be in the car, getting pumped up for a game or just relaxing.”



Andy Bills, Vice President for Enrollment, Undergraduate Admissions

“I like positive songs that lift up the spirits and attitudes of others.”



Lisa Carlson ’16, Admissions Intern

“It has a great beat, energizing lyrics, keeps me motivated and turns my day around!”



DeUnna Hendrix, Head Women’s Basketball Coach



Judy Isaksen, Professor of Women’s & Gender Studies and Media & Popular Culture Studies

“Reggae always makes me happy. Bob Marley’s ‘Exodus’ is my go-to song when I’m feeling pumped. Stevie Wonder’s ‘I Wish’ when I just want to dance around the house. Queen Latifah’s ‘U.N.I.T.Y’ when I’m feeling old skool!”


Dr. Ron Ragan, Founding Dean for School of Pharmacy

“If I want to relax I usually will put on Cosby Stills & Nash’s ‘Southern Cross,’ James Taylor’s ‘Carolina on My Mind,’ Jimmy Buffet’s ‘Come Monday,’ or Kenny Chesney’s ‘Old Blue Chair.’”



Dr. Nido Qubein, President