Nov 03rd, 2014

52 Weeks #HighPointHappy: ED Application Seussification

Today your Early Decision application is due, you’ll soon find out if you’ll be attending High Point U!

Ever wonder what would happen if Dr. Seuss worked at HPU? We bet it would go a little like this…





Halloween has passed, the treats and the tricks,

And HPU’s Early Decision deadline has arrived quick!


Don’t forget to submit – the clock is ticking,

So you can be considered for the Early Decision picking.


ED students come first in Freshman Orientation

And also in housing  (the finest in the nation!)


The application checklist you must complete,

If as an Early Decision applicant you wish to compete


If you haven’t yet submitted, we’re here to assist.

We certainly don’t want the deadline to be missed.


We’re here to help you, don’t get stuck

Please call us at (800) 345-6993   — and best of luck!


We don’t mean to be too sentimental or sappy,

but just thinking of #HPU2019 makes us #HighPointHappy.