Nov 05th, 2014

12 Places HPU Students Can’t Get Enough of

It’s true – High Point University has everything a student could possibly need within walking distance of your dorm room. However, the school is also surrounded by a growing city that is buzzing with local appeal, and HPU students definitely have their favorites!

Here are the top 12 things High Point Students can’t get enough of in town!











1. DeBeen Coffee Shop. This cute little eclectic coffee shop is the perfect place to take a breather or write a paper. DeBeen is a relaxing atmosphere with crafted coffee, smoothies and bakery items. Bonus: DeBeen also has its own yoga studio and sells pottery, paintings and jewelry created by local artists! (P.S. They offer 10% off to HPU students!)10314466_784492581610865_9180545358335936477_n


2. Barberitos. Moes or Chipotle? Both awesome – but not as great as our hometown Southwestern cantina restaurant. You can always find HPU students, professors and employees here throughout the day. Lots of student organizations host profit nights here since everyone loves to come out and get a great burrito. Their menu is out of this world, and most of it comes fresh from the local farmer’s market –don’t forget to try the queso!g2582580000000000009101d3975ff87fa97222333eb3fdb09afb3fe5531966670_639134529473865_1813139678_n

3. Trays from Cookout. Looking for that perfect midnight “if I don’t count my calories then they don’t count” snack? Trays from Cookout are right up your alley. You can get two hot dogs, two sides, and a milkshake all for around $5. And P.S. they have the longest list of milkshake flavors possibly in the entire world.Cookout-Tray


4. Mani/pedis from Queen Nails. The line is always out the door, so here’s a tip: call ahead. Their busy schedule is a testament to just how amazing their salon is! You can get a gel manicure and regular deluxe pedicure for just $45 dollars. Another tip: they love giving discounts to HPU students, so make sure to show them your passport!queen nail


5. Fro-yo at Feeney’s. Just two stores down from Queen Nails is the cutest Froyo shop with the best flavors, both classic staples and seasonal favorites. The topping bar… you just have to see it for yourself. Feeney’s posts their flavors daily on their Facebook, so you know what to look forward to!IMG_9111


6. Mimi from Sake. This little angel is the owner of the best sushi place located just two minutes from campus. She always makes you feel like part of the High Point family and loves to take pictures of HPU students! Don’t miss out on their amazing HPU sushi roll!IMG_0053


7. Liberty trivia nights. If you’re up for a challenge, head over to the target & HPU Biomechanics & Human Physiology Lab area for trivia nights at Liberty Steakhouse on Wednesdays! HPU students love to show the locals just how smart they are, both inside and outside the classroom! Trivia covers just about everything, but they love music questions and even have players match lyrics to songs! The winning team receives a $20 gift certificate, so don’t miss out on possibly winning a free delicious meal!liberty_steakhouse_3


8. Saturday mornings at Biscuit Factory. Breakfast or lunch, whatever you’re in the mood for, Biscuit Factory is the place to be for weekend 1


9. Getting fit on the Greenway. The Greenway is a nature trail system around the city of High Point. High Point students love using the Greenway for a bike ride, walk with friends, afternoon run etc. But just as important as using the Greenway is maintaining it — HPU students also regularly volunteer to help in keeping the Greenway clean and beautiful. imgres-2



10. Carolina’s Diner for midnight breakfast after cramming. Here’s a fun fact: Carolina’s Diner increases their chocolate chip inventory by 400% for the school year, due to the amount of chocolate chip pancakes ordered by HPU students!images-3



11. Hiking at Hanging Rock. With these incredible views, how could you not? Great for a weekend trip, take a couple friends and drive about an hour north to spend some quality time with nature.IMG_0057



12. Tubing down the Dan River. Only three miles from Hanging Rock State Park is the Dan River in Danbury, NC. $5 gets you a tube, and $7 gets you a shuttle ride to the top of the river. Take a group and plan to spend the whole day. (Only open May – Labor Day, so it makes the perfect end-of-school-year or end-of-summer trip.)











Kara Benkovich ’16

(enjoying sushi from Sake)