Dec 15th, 2014

52 Weeks #HighPointHappy: Finals, as told by Elf on the Shelf



Finals week is tough — probably the toughest of the whole semester. But our HPU Elf on the Shelf, Wrenn, is here to offer you some advice.







Stay calm and don’t get stage fright. You know the information — you’ve been preparing for an entire semester. This is your time to shine and show what you’ve learned. Lights, camera, action!



Make a to-do list — and check it twice! There’s a lot to be done and little time, so take a page from Santa’s book and stay organized!



Study — don’t cram! Research proves that studying consistently for short intervals over an extended period of time helps you learn and return more knowledge than cramming for long hours immediately before a test. Organize a group of friends to study together and even create an online study-guide or flashcards you can share with your classmates.



One word: snacks. In the library, in your study groups, even in your exams. When you’re hungry, you can forget focusing on anything else but the anger of your stomach. Make your snacks count — high in protein, fiber, vitamins, and all the good stuff to wake you up and give you energy!



Although it may feel like the weight of the universe is resting on your shoulders, it’s not. Relax. This one test will not define your whole future, and it certainly will not make or break you. You are EXTRAORDINARY, and one exam will not change that!



Don’t negate all of your prior commitments. Schedules are good for mental health, and sticking to your regular routine can keep you centered and calm. It is, after all, just another test.


Take a break, watch a movie and relax a little. Your brain is much more productive when you are happy and relaxed.



Stay hydrated, caffeinated and whatever else you need to get through it.


Wrenn prefers hot chocolate for his late nights in the library.



Don’t let the “little things” fall through the cracks — return your library books and other borrowed equipment, check your campus mail box, and tie up any other loose ends before Christmas break. Wrenn just returned “The Santa Claus,” “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” and his all-time favorite, “Elf.”



And above all, remember that Christmas Break is right across the finish line!



And whatever you choose to do with your notes, books, flashcards and study guides once exams are done is up to you!



Good luck & Happy Holidays.