Sep 15th, 2015

My Road Back to HPU

When you step foot onto High Point University’s campus, you immediately notice the blue sky, the sun shining, the slight breeze blowing, the different types of trees, flowers and plants, the fountains, the golf carts, the pools, the red brick and the thousands of smiling students. What you cannot truly understand until you spend a little more time here is how absolutely caring everyone is. Even I didn’t know that immediately, but my summer is living proof that the people at HPU are extraordinary.

This summer was a difficult one to say the least. I finished my freshman year early and went home at the end of April to have shoulder surgery. I knew I would have to recover the whole summer, but I never expected to be in the hospital for most of it. As a result of all the stress on my body from the surgery and the pain medications I was prescribed, my pancreas became inflamed. I was unable to eat anything without getting sick and therefore was fed for the majority of the summer by a feeding tube.

My doctors finally removed the feeding tube on Wednesday August 26. That Wednesday is also the day that I was supposed to start classes. I had all my classes picked out and was very excited to start my sophomore year at High Point. Unfortunately, my body was not as concerned with my class schedule as I was and I ended up coming to school a week late. Starting school late is stressful, but starting school after being in the hospital for so long, and 800 miles away from home can really be intimidating. But with the help of some amazing people, I did it anyway!17978978949_858b1e97b4_z

My mom and I contacted the school a couple weeks before I left home. We wanted to let them know that I would be arriving to school late, and they could not have been nicer and more accommodating. Calling Gail Tuttle, the Senior Vice President for Student Life, was definitely the right first move. Mrs. Tuttle immediately sprang into action offering invaluable suggestions and connected us with all the people we would need to talk to. They, in turn contacted me offering suggestions and solutions to my many questions.

Are you wondering how this is relevant to you? Well, while most schools claim to be your “home away from home,” High Point University goes above and beyond that saying. I have two older siblings and they have both commented that their schools would never have been so helpful and responsive in a similar situation. Being away from home after having the summer I had has been challenging especially with finding new medical professionals close to school. However, due to the amount of resources that this school offers I don’t even have to leave campus for all my needs to be met.

A school of this size would not normally cater to the needs of each and every student on campus. All my professors and my advisor have gone out of their way to help me with my classes, but that was only the beginning. Counseling services, health services, the physical therapy department and disability services have all reached out to me as well. In addition, my Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 2.09.40 PMbest friends, housemates, and my Kappa Delta sisters have all been incredibly helpful during this overwhelming time. I know my situation is different from most, but the reason I’m writing this is to let people everywhere know how truly extraordinary High Point University is.

Cat Kurban

Class of 2018