Nov 24th, 2015

Thank you, High Point University

Thanksgiving is, among many things, a time to reflect and think about all of the wonderful blessings we have in life. We, the Admissions Marketing Interns, have come up with some of the things we are most thankful for at High Point University.


UnknownCatya Kurban: I am thankful to be surrounded by such amazing people and having a home away from home. My house in Centennial Square had a “friendsgiving” potluck dinner. We went around the table and talked about what we were thankful for. It was nice to get together before we all left for break!









Hogan Dyer: I am thankful for all of the friends that I have made on campus thanks to clubs, organizations, intramural sports, etc., and for student life for matching me with a great roommate my freshman year who quickly turned into one of my closest and life-long friends.







Jacqueline Reilly: I am thankful for the Office of Career and Professional Development for helping me prepare for career interviews, providing me with resume preparation, and giving me useful tips in the career hunt.











Lisa Carlson: I am thankful for the hands-on experiences that HPU has to offer. They prepare me in advance for real-life opportunities. I am also thankful for the HPU family, as well. Everyone makes it feel like home, and the constant everyday support from students, faculty and staff is empowering. I know as I head out into the real world I have an entire university supporting me.







Paxton Taylor: I am thankful for the number of service opportunities HPU  provides us to connect with likeminded people and give back to the community in service.










Sarah Obletz: I am thankful for many things here at HPU, especially all the resources that are available right at my fingertips here on campus. From the career and internship department, to the professional development center, I feel prepared to take on any job interview that may come my way. Another thing that I am thankful for is the tremendous staff we have here. Each one of my professors is truly interested in my own personal success and will do anything to see me succeed.







Paul Green: I’m thankful to be surrounded by a community that makes me strive to become the best person I can be. Each and every day I wake up and interact with people who truly convince me I can be an extraordinary person.











Paige Price: I am thankful for the teachers who genuinely care and want to see me succeed in my future endeavors.







Unknown-6Kara Benkovich: I am thankful for the opportunities I have been given on this campus, most importantly the Admissions Marketing Internship that I have been a part of for three years. We go to an amazing school and it gives me the greatest joy to share this with others, especially prospective students. I hope I can shed light on this amazing university and share my gratitude on how much it has done for me. Between the influential professors, heartwarming workers, and memories I have made with friends, it is a blessing to find such an amazing home away from home!

Unknown-2Kara Benkovich

Admissions Marketing Intern