Oct 11th, 2016

Why You Should Apply Early Decision

I know at this point you are so tired of people asking you about applications, or where you want to apply to school, but listen up friends! With the November 1 Early Decision deadline to High Point University quickly approaching, let me tell you how extremely beneficial it is to be an Early Decision applicant!

  1. For starters, you find out about your acceptance much earlier than anyone else. As an Early Decision applicant, I received my acceptance package before Thanksgiving. So, while all my friends were rushing to finish applications during Winter Break, I was relaxing and drinking hot cocoa. You will have your admissions decision in hand by November 28!
  1. Early Decision students get a two week head start to register for a Freshman Orientation event, where they get first choice for scheduling their classes. That means receiving your schedule before your friends even have their admissions decisions from other schools! I recommend going to Freshman Orientation as early as possible – I went to the first orientation and was able to meet with my advisors, get my schedule, and meet potential professors and classmates (I also met my roommate at Orientation!)
  1. In addition to getting first pick for classes, Early Decision applicants get priority in selecting their housing for freshman year. That means not only getting first pick at dorms, but also finding out your housing assignment early at Freshman Orientation.
  1. Scholarship money! As an Early Decision applicant, you will get priority consideration ahead of Regular Decision applicants in scholarship awards from the Office of Admissions’ prestigious Presidential Scholarship Program. The early bird does, in fact, get the worm.

Applying Early Decision is binding, meaning that if accepted, you agree to enroll at HPU. Commitment can be scary, but it was the perfect decision for me!

All in all, if High Point University is your number one school, there is no reason why you shouldn’t apply Early Decision. Unless, of course, you hate finding out about things earlier than others and love toiling away on college applications while trying to enjoy Winter Break with your family.


Catya Kurban, ’18

Admissions Marketing Intern