Sep 01st, 2017

Why Early Decision can be the Best Decision for You

Applying Early Decision can be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. It lets you ease into your college career and gives you numerous perks other students don’t get!

In September 2013, I had just started my senior year of high school. I was set on High Point University from the moment I stepped on campus but was nervous to apply Early Decision. I was worried I would end up changing my mind and was scared of a binding decision. I finished my application two months before the deadline and sent it in as Early Action instead.


About a week and a half after I had sent in my application, I started wondering if I had made the wrong choice. I knew I loved High Point University and wanted the perks that came along with applying Early Decision. So, that night I emailed my admissions counselor and asked if it was possible to change my application to Early Decision. Let me tell you, it was one of the best choices I have ever made.

After officially switching my application to Early Decision, things started falling into place. I was able to get first pick for my dorm, get first pick on classes, and reserved a spot at the earliest Freshman Orientation in March of 2014. So, while all of my friends were still applying to colleges or waiting to hear if they were admitted, I already knew my schedule for the fall!

Freshman Orientation was amazing! I met my Success Coach and went over the classes I wanted to take or learn more about. I familiarized myself more with the campus and met my future classmates. One of these people I met ended up being my suitemate freshman year, my roommate for the past two years, my sorority sister and my current housemate and best friend.


Since I applied to High Point University, even more benefits have been added for Early Decision Applicants! You are still first to receive your admissions decision, first to choose housing and first to select your classes. Now, you also are paired with your Success Coach in December of your Senior year and get to move in ahead of other students in the following August! I highly suggest applying Early Decision to get all the perks that regular applicants don’t.


#HPU2022 Early Decision Benefits


  • First Priority in selecting your ideal campus housing
  • First Priority in selecting your fall class schedule and class times
  • Early Notification of admissions decision (November 27, 2017)
  • Early Campus Move-In date in August
  • Early Assignment of your HPU Success Coach to begin working with you in planning for your success at HPU (December 1, 2017)



Catya Kurban, ’18