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Nov 28th, 2022


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All entries have been received and are currently being reviewed for consideration.
Thank you all for your outstanding work and record breaking response!

NOTIFICATIONS: February 24, 2023


OPENING RECEPTION: March 29th, 2023  4:30-6:00 


Artifact [BOLD]: An Annual International Exhibition of Graphic Design, New Media, Illustration, Printmaking, and the Expanded Field


The goal of Artifact[BOLD] is to cultivate an intentionally inclusive exhibition space.

We define ‘the designer’ broadly and acknowledge that designers understand and refer to themselves/their roles in a variety of ways and across a wide spectrum. Anyone who thinks of themself as a creator of artifacts and communications that facilitate the exchange of information/ideas is encouraged to submit work for consideration!

We encourage proposals from artists whose voices have traditionally been excluded from scholarly or professional discourses.




Kelli Anderson JurorArtifact [BOLD] is thrilled to announce artist, designer, and inveterate tinkerer KELLI ANDERSON as this year’s juror.

Anderson believes that humble materials can provide entry into the endless, tunneling complexity of our world, making those wonders accessible on a multi-sensory, rich, human level; her work pushes the limits of ordinary materials and formats by seeking out hidden possibility in the physical and digital world.

Her books and projects have included a pop-up paper planetarium, a book that transforms into a pinhole camera, a working paper record, and techniques for misusing RISO to create tactile, inky animations. By opening “black box” concepts up to the poetics and playfulness of the senses, her projects function as a lab space for collaborative through, thereby broadening accessibility and the diversity of voices at the table.

Anderson’s work, which has garnered world-wide media attention, has been featured in publications like ‘Mashable,’ ‘Wired’ and ‘Slashdot.’ She is currently completing Alphabet in Motion, an interactive book on the relationship between typography and technology with Letterform Archive. In an age dominated by the constant need to invent, Kelli Anderson’s work reinforces the idea that innovation, creativity, and ordinary materials can achieve a world of possibilities!

W W W . K E L L I A N D E R S O N . C O M


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