Jan 04th, 2021

HPU Biology Student Publishes Research

Clara Primus, a junior and biology major and civic responsibility and social innovation minor, published research titled, “Scientific Societies Fostering Inclusivity through Speaker Diversity in Annual Meeting Programming: A Call to Action” in Molecular Biology of the Cell Journal.

The publication provides evidence-based recommendations for methods in which professional scientific societies can foster an inclusive environment at their annual meetings. Primus evaluated various approaches other societies have used and provided additional resources that societies may use during their annual meeting planning. She and other researchers also include a special section that gives insight into what these meetings may look like in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I am very excited that I have been published for the second time,” says Primus. “I am very grateful for my research mentor, Dr. Veronica Segarra, and to my colleagues at the Mayo Clinic, who collaborated with me in my research. I really enjoy researching diversity, equity and inclusion within STEM because it ties together with my major and minor. Research has helped me apply what I have learned in the classroom to help create something that makes a difference in my community.”