Professor and Chair of Biology


Research in my laboratory focuses on the potential health effects of exposure to endocrine disruptors. Endocrine disruptors are chemicals within our environment (e.g. components of plastics, pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceutical contaminants in groundwater, hormones in dairy manure) that interfere with hormone signaling once they enter the body. Many endocrine disruptors mimic or block the actions of the sex hormones, estrogens and androgens. Thus, physiological processes that are known to be regulated by our endogenous sex hormones (e.g. sexual differentiation, reproduction, bone ossification) are susceptible to disruption by these chemicals. Furthermore, the incidence and progression of certain diseases that are hormone sensitive (e.g. endometriosis, breast cancer, prostate cancer, inter-sexed conditions) are suspected to be influenced by exposure to endocrine disruptors.

Currently, two lines of research that focus on endocrine disruption are underway in my laboratory. They include 1) an assessment of the ability of plant estrogens (e.g., EGCG, a component of green tea) to mitigate or block the proliferative effects of estrogenic endocrine disruptors on breast cancer cells; and 2) an examination of the impact of estrogenic endocrine disruptors on skeletal development in zebrafish.

In addition to conducting scientific research on the negative health effects of exposure to environmental endocrine disruptors, I also conduct research in the field of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). My specific SoTL interests include the impact of active learning strategies on academic performance and engagement within the science classroom (in both general education courses for nonmajors and upper level courses for majors), the benefits of the flipped classroom for providing opportunities that foster deep disciplinary learning within the sciences, and inclusive classroom practices that close the opportunity gap between majority and underrepresented students in the sciences.



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